Asian contemporary interiors with a dash of uniquely Filipino touches here and there. Experience why so many call Tierra Salva their home away from home.

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our story

The Salvatierra Family loves to go on out-of-town escapades during summer and these family outings include going to resorts and private pools. In 2007, they went to a private resort in Taal Lake with a view of the Taal volcano and they fell in love with serenity of the lake as the sun sets down in the horizon with the magnificent view of Taal Volcano from afar. It was a very beautiful and relaxing experience that anyone would gladly reminisce.Thus, it became an obsession of the Family to, someday, have their own private place along the shores of Taal Lake where they can have fun playing ball games, do water sports activities within the lake, to enjoy swimming in a private pool and then have rest and relaxation within the confines of the property, on any day or weekends they prefer.

From these concepts, the dream materialized in March 2009, when the Salvatierra Family rest house in Purok 5, Barangay Gonzales, Tanauan City, Batangas was finally completed. Some friends and relatives who have come and spent time with the Salvatierras in the rest house requested the possibility of renting the place so their own families and friends can enjoy the same joyful experience.

With such demands from so many which can no longer be ignored, the TIERRA SALVA LAKEVIEW RESORT officially opened to public use in the beginning of 2010, after having acquired the necessary permits and clearances from local authorities and certain government agencies.With the limited occupancy policy, later on there were suggestions from guests to allow more sleeping space at the resort. So, in 2012, a wooden cottage called “Antigong Kahoy”, was built in the premises complete with air-conditioning and clean toilet, to accommodate additional guests. In 2015, traditional large vats or "kawa" used for cooking through old-fashioned firewood were also installed for guests to experience the kawa hot bath for better relaxation. Now, with luscious green and flora all around, and the simple amenities that the resort can offer, first timer guests and ‘returnees’ keep coming back for more.


what to do

Take a dip in the pool! Go kayaking in the scenic Taal Lake! Try the hot kawa bath experience! Shoot some hoops, or even belt out your favorite song on Karaoke! Of course, above all, RELAX!

Experience a serene respite from the city, with the lake literally at your backdoor. Tierra Salva Lakeview Resort is a getaway spot like no other!